Who is Ray Lewis

The tittle is a bit misleading because I know who Ray Lewis, or at least was. Number 52 from the Baltimore Ravens. He was one of the greatest football players to ever play. He is also my all time favorite football player, but Im not writing this because of his athletic prowess.

On the field, Ray Lewis embodied a fearless leadership that only few possesed ever in any sport. He lead in voice and by example every snap of his storied career. However some of his positions on the african community makes me wonder who is leading Ray Lewis? Is he on the side of his people who stood by him in his darkest hours in support? Or has he been beaten into submission by those who judged, crucified then forgave him? 

 Ray Lewis stances on black issues raises the question of whether Ray Lewis sees himself as a patriotic american over being a blackman in America. Ray fully understands the racial issues in our nation, but his stances straddle the line of one not being fully aware and siding with our nations oppressors. On the Kapernick issue, his opinion to Kap was to put civil rights and liberties aside for football. His stance in the baltimore riots was also very dissapointing to the real victim of it as he cared more about the bussinesses being destroyed than the reason why its was being destroyed. Hes often seen as a NFL apologist when it comes to issues regarding people of color. This begs the question, “Has Ray Lewis abandoned his crown of leadership for a leash of controlled compromise?” Who exactly is Ray Lewis?


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