Is Social Media taking years off your life?

 Salutations to all who read this. In this post, I raise a simple but serious question. Is Social Media taking years off your life? Before we dive in, I want to acknowledge and applaud all those who earn and income and make a living using social media platforms. I also want to applaud all those who have use social media to fight injustices of any kind by raising awareness on their platforms. This post is not directed at these people or organizations in anyway shape or form. My focus is on those addictedWith that being said, let’s get into it.

 Studies show that the average person spend about 2 hours on social media daily. These numbers are skewed a bit because of the senior citizens and the few who don’t use social media causing the truer average to be decreased. A more accurate average (excluding seniors) would be 31/2 to four hours daily. Studies suggest that teens spend over 80% of their free time on social media. 

 Let’s break down the metrics. Using the flawed averages, the time lost is somewhere around five years over a lifetime. Using the truer statistics of 31/2 to 4 hours a day, the numbers actually double. In fact let do the math. Let’s say 31/2hours a daily, would be 24.5 hours a week. That a full day plus A half hour of life waisted weekly.  That four days and two hours waisted monthly. That’s fifty days and four hours wasted yearly. Fast forward 10 years, that over a year and a half of precious time gone. 

 The average life span is roughly 65 years. By these metric we on average take about 8.9 or 9 years off our life per lifetime. If we added television to the equation, we talking 15 to 16 years of life combined, Just wasted looking at a screen. 



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