The Orchestration of the NBA.

If you look at the history of the NBA, there has always been superteams. Lakers got Wilt, then Kareem, then Shaq, none by draft. Celtic once had Parish with Bill Walton as his backup. But never and I mean ever has anything been so blatant and so ridiculous.

 Never has one conference been so lopsided. This Summer has been riddled with head scratching moves. Moves that put teams front office motives in question. Were Paul George and Carmelo Anthony really that under valued? Two consistent allstars couldnt get 2nd tier talent or a first round pick? The Cavs some how lose Kyrie  and get Derrick Rose, Calderon, Isiah Thomas and Dwayne Wade on a small market budget, that was fifteen million over the cap the end of last season.

Why are all the other teams out east so inept? This will be Lebrons Easiest season ever. He literally doesn’t have to log one minute until the conference finals. How is this good for rating? The NBA is selling you a storyline instead of a fair sports product. The NBA robbing you of the suspense of a fair season because only 5 teams can truly compete for a title, with only 2 being in the east. Games may be competitive but the conference finals are set, or as competitively screwed as humanly possible to get it’s desired outcome. The Cav would still make the conference final without LeBron. The NBA is watering down its product for big storylines. 


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