Watch “Freddie Roach exposed by Floyd Mayweather Sr as a racist saying nigger, F#&@ Mexicans & Jews” on YouTube

In the link above I see some interesting footage. Freddie Roach making multiple racist comments against multiple races. I just wanted your thoughts. Feel free to comment.



Welcome to SJV World!!!

This is my first blog, an inauguration of sort. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and let you know a little about me.  I go by the letters
S.J.V, which stand for
“The SuperVillian John Vagues(@supervillianjv)
.  I am a writer by nature and trade. I have written a few books and many songs
in preparation for a label launch later this year. Enough about me, now about my blog.
This blog will cover many topics, events and prospectives in music, art, sports and life and entertainment. The views I express are totally my own and I invite you all into my world.